About Us

Pondanet, Inc. is the branch office of EnterMedia Co. Ltd.  who is a manufacturer of the best Karaoke units, Magic Sing. (Clike here to find out more about EnterMedia Co. Ltd.) Pondanet, Inc. specializes in distributing the Karaoke products in the North American market. Magic Sing Karaoke are simple and compact Karaoke entertainment systems which use state of the art and patented technologies. These Karaoke products are ideal for parties with friends and family. Pondanet, Inc. is committed to helping you enjoy your free time and to help you have lots of fun.

Pondanet, Inc. also offers wholesale opportunities for anyone who is interest in distributing the products locally. We provide an in-house service and repair center, which strives for a 24 hour turn around time on most repair orders.

Pondanet, Inc. is dedicated to small and medium size businesses. Start distributing and realize extra sales revenue while utilizing our large inventory and drop-shipping services today.

We strongly believe that quality service is the most important element of a successful business. We provide an in-house service and repair center that goes all-out to maintain a 24 hour turn around time on service and repair.

Contact us now and start distributing today.

1179 N. Patt St., Anaheim, CA 92801, USA
1-866-827-6632 or 1-714-578-0004